Hola mi familia y amigos!
The end of my second week in the field, and it feels like i have been here in Mexico for like 5 months already! The strange thing is, that the time has gone so fast... not sure how that works.. haha
Ill start off with a little more info about the life here, and stuff like that because i didnt mention too much about it last week.
Every 2 weeks, me and my companion both receive 1200 pesos. Thats 2400 in total. 1200 pesos is the equivalent to 60 american dollars. this is plenty to live off of here! We are blessed to receive this much money!
I have 30 minutes to exercise every morning, from 6:30 till 7. When i got here, my companion said he has always wanted to learn how to play Futbol Americano (Which is just football)
We bought a high school size ball and i have been teaching him the correct way to catch, and some of the very simple routes that receivers run and stuff. Its been super fun! Its also kind of hilarious, because before the mission, me and my dad coached, or assistent coached some little league football teams, and when im explaining how to do certain things, i explain it the same way i explained it to my little teams! Elder Teliz is 21 and knows just as much about playing football, as Levi did when he was like 5! 
Every area in the Mexico, Monterrey east mission has a nickname given to it by the president. One area is named "Faith" because the majority of the people there have faith in the missionaries and are willing to take steps of faith such as baptism, attending church etc...
Wanna guess what my areas name is?  If you guessed PACIENCIA (Patience) you were right! The average age of the people here is almost 65 years old, and many are definately stuck in their ways. They are such god-loving people, and have so much faith, but its just too much effort for them to change stuff! 
The area is named paciencia because the missionaries who are here, dont have any choice but to learn some patience... haha 
All of the native spanish speaking elders and sisters in this mission are encouraged to start learning english if they have an english native companion ever. I have been teaching Elder Teliz english a little while im learning spanish. It actually has helped me learn even faster! not sure how, probably cause of help from the lord, but it  is!
One thing that has been taking lots of patience on me and my companions part is that the Area folder for Sada Vidrio is super bad, and was not used the right way. The Area folder is a huge binder that has all of the teaching records, addresses, notes, things that are important to know about the area or certain people. 
The most recent things in their were from lik 2013..... the sad thing is that there was a pair of elders in this area from 2014 to 2015. They are the ones who were sent home early. Turns out they werent updating the area folder! Your supposed to update it almost every day! Dang lazy elders! 
Almost done with the email, i promise. haha sorry mine are always so long!
Super awesome news! Me and Elder Teliz have an investigator, named Señora Conchita who commited to a baptismal date! She is the woman who we felt like we should visit last week, and when we did, found out she had been praying for someone to come help her. 
She said she wants to be baptise the 25th of march! And then she also came with us to church yesterday, thats two weeks in a row! 
We are so excited to work with her, and possible have the first baptism in this ward in the last like 4 years!!
This week, on like wednesday, i initiated a street contact, and actually for the first time felt like i was talking normal! i wasnt trying to speak spanish, or trying to understand what her responses were, i just was able to talk to her! It was amazing! i know that was a blessing from the lord to help me to keep persevering studying.
I also bore my testimony in the ward this sunday. There is about 25 people in it. 
I felt once again like i didnt have to think about what to say, i could just say what i was thnking!
Its kinda cool how the lord helps me out a ton when im talking to people about the gospel or bearing my testimony:)
Ill end with two funny stories.
First off, on tuesday, a freaking huge bird crapped right on my pants. like just flippin flew over top of me, yelled bombs away, and then ruined my day! So much came out of that stinking bird! like what the heck! (i guess the mexican food affects the animals the same way it does to me.....;)
The other funny one is that little 5 and 6 year old kids think its hilarious when they see a white guy to yell all the words they know in english! 
Just imagine a group of little innocent kids playing and then you walk by and they say a few actors names, and then drop a couple different versions of the F-Word, followed by some other swear words as well.... I cant help it but laugh cause it catches me off guard every time!
Welcome to Mexico!
(Other email will have the pictures)
Till next week!
Elder Jones