Buenas Tardes!!
I wanna start off with how awesome Abinidai is!!!!! i was reading in mosiah, and starting from chapter 11 and going on, Abinidai is just preaching some awesome doctrine! Talk about a missionary who isnt afraid to share his message! they told him if he didnt stop, they were gonna kill him, and he didnt care! at one point, he says something to the effect of "yall cant kill me, i still gotta message to deliver" and then he finishes his message to king noah, and ends up being killed. His message touched the heart of Alma, and from there, its just "puro poder!"
Also, this week had a couple of funny/weird experiences.... haha 
first one, 
We were stopped by a super drugged out guy in a wheelchair. that always leads to something good, he started mumbling on about random crap that i dont feel like writing about, and as we were trying to break up the convo and leave him with a message, he said "IM GONNA SING YOU GUYS A SONG ABOUT THE LORD" and started singing. All freaking 5 verses of the worlds longest song..... ill be honest, it was pretty hilarious, and i knew that if i made eye contact with my comp we would both start laughing.... i just looked druggy right in the eyes the whole time..... just wow. 10/10 concert right there!hahaha 
We were waiting for the bus to come by so we could take it to district meeting, and out of no where, a homeless guy comes and sits right next to us. Im gonna go into detail to spice things up a bit.... brace yourself. 
He was about 65 maybe 70 years old, nastly wraggly beard, and wearing a strangely nice tan fedora hat. He was wearing ONLY a t-shirt. i repeat, ONLY A FREAKING TSHIRT???? Why on earth? he literally was butt naked on the bottom.... and guess what, that wasnt even the worst part, we were sitting downwind from him, and caught a wiff of his smell. 
I need all of you to know that im not exaggerating. It was the worst smell i have ever smelt in my entire life. I have taken a few loads of trash and stuff to the dump, or to a landfill, and that smells just awful. This dude literally smelled like he died 28 years ago and has been decaying ever since... our eyes started watering and everything. Anyways! haha Welcome to Industrios Del Vidrio, Nuevo Leon, Mexico!
for the first time, we had a drunk guy cuss a ton right in our faces and blow ciggarete smoke right at us and we just turned and started walking away and he just yelled more "grosserias" and that was pretty sad:/ just trying to share the word of the lord here! 
went on companion exchanges to another area of the mission for a day, and we had like 8 lessons back to back in one day! Gave me hope that there is other areas where there is more support from the ward, and are actually young people who are so happy to hear the gospel! 
I really loved being able to spend all of the time teaching and bearing testimony, instead of all of the time knocking doors and trying to find someone to teach! But missionary work is still missionary work, all areas started out somewhere:)
One thing that is pretty sad, is that a day or two ago, my SD card got a virus and deleted all of my pictures.... i fixed it now, but i dont have my old pictures or anything, and only have one to send for this week:/ oh well!! haha
I wanna close the email out with my testimony of the church, and this gospel. I know that it is so true, and i am so thankful for the opportunity i have to serve a mission for the lord. I can already see the blessings in myself, and already am a way better person than when i left:) I guess thats what starts to happen when you dedicate all your time to the lord! 
Stay strong, and keep following the commandments, and the lord will bless:)
Till next week,
elder Jones