Wanna start this one off with, I DID IT! I made a goal at the beginning of this transfer to read the Book of mormon, and pearl of great price in spanish from front to back before the end of the transfer. Completed this week:)
I learned so much! every chapter i was just wanting to read more, because the stories in the book of mormon are actually so sick! I dont enjoy reading books at all.....  like not even a little bit, but i sincerely enjoy reading the book of mormon! (especially in spanish:)
Pretty fun experience with an investigator and the Book of Mormon this week. He had read from the beginning of the book until chapter 4 or 5 and then when we arrived, we read the chapter with him that talks about returning to get the plates from laban. We were all taking turns reading, and every couple verses, me and my companion had "strategic pauses" where we could explain, and make sure Hermano Puente understood what was happening. It was his turn to read, and he got to where nephi found a guy passed out on the floor cause he was drunk, and Hermano puente laughed and said, "triste borracho, que verguenza" (silly drunk guy, how embarrasing) He then read the next verse and found out it was Laban! 
He looked up at us and was like "IT WAS LABAN???" and started laughing cause he said he didnt see that coming! We then got into the spiritual parts and all that good stuff, but it was pretty funny to see his reactions!
Scripture that made me laugh a little cause Moroni throws out a little roast, is Mormon 9:8. Says if your negating god, you either havent read the scriptures, or didnt understand them.... Ouch! haha is super true also. Keep reading your scriptures! 
Had an awesome opportunity to use some of my construction knowlege and build a fence for a members garden! I was actually on intercambios in another area, and the missionaries live in a little house above some members. (owned by the members) She was talking about how she already has all the wood and nails, and just was gonna wait till she found someone to help! I told her that i could do it, and would love to do it actually! I have been dying to get my hands dirty again! And boom! right there in my total missionary proselyting clothes built an awesome fence!!!! Took only like 3 hours, and she was so happy we could help! I dont have any pictures cause i was on exchanges anddidnt have my camera... haha i know it sucks...
Conchita received her patriarcal blessing this week! Talk about being able to see missionary work bless someones life! When we met her, she was crying cause none of her kids want to have contact and are all kinda doing their own thing. This week she is going to Cancun mexico to visit her daughter for a whole month! If all goes well, she is going to move there and be close to her daughter. She is so happy and has been rolling in the blessings of the gospel. She is awesome! She always calls me her little angel, and how she will never forget me! She doesnt like Teliz a ton, but still good:) haha
Now, for the part youve all been waiting for.... What happened with transfers!!!!!
I just finished my "Training" Which is the first 12 weeks in the field for every single missionary in the whole world. That being said, i have been asked by president if i would be willing to serve in another position right now......He asked me if i would be the next secretary of the mission! In this mission, there are 4 secretaries, one companionship of mexicans, and one companionship of gringos (white guys) The mexican companionship is in charge of immigration, and visas and all that fun stuff cause they are mexican citizens. The white guys are in charge of all the finances and materials in the mission. I have been called to be the secretary of materials!! Its my job to make sure everyone has enough pass out materials, as well as deal with everything that has to do with the houses! If something breaks in a missionaries house, they call me and i work with my companion (Secretary of finances) and we get it worked out. Even down to me being the one who makes the decision on new houses the mission will start renting. Ill be signing the contracts and basically president said we are the ones who keep the mission running!! Its kind of a lot of stuff think about right now, but gonna be an adventure!
Along with this, im actually staying here in my same house and ward! My new companions name is Elder Allred, and he is actually from Mesa Arizona! haha kinda cool! I am however really not looking forward to having a white companion.... my spanish is flowing so good, and im literally fluent, and i wanna just keep using spanish! Its kinda hard to speak spanish with other white guys.. haha well have to see!
The day that i have Pday is changing.... My new pdays are going to be on saturdays! So thats kinda interesting... Also, i am destined to be secretary for 6 months... kinda bummed about being in the same place for so long, but the lord knows where he needs me and like Nephi says, I will go and i will do!!!
Other email has some dope pictures, but thats all for this email!
Stay strong my friends:)
Elder Jones
Helped an old lady investigator paint her porch! Fun service Project!
And the video is of a dog that lives next door to our relief society president.... has an amazing bark!