Buenos Dias!!!

This week was a little different, because i went to an all day, 9 hour long in-field orientation on friday!!

That actually was so helpful. We talked about the importance of talking to everybody. EVERYBODY!!! And we learned about how to use the members in all the areas that we serve, because the missionaries cant do their full potential work without the help of the members in the wards. 
I just want to invite all of you to contact your ward mission leader, or even the bishop or relief society or elders quorum president and offer to let the missionaries teach an investigator at your house, or offer your time to attend a lesson with the missionaries. Lessons taught with members present are much stronger lessons. It is also crucial to always befriend new faces in the wards. Ward fellowshipping is such a huge part of recent converts staying in the church:)

Something kind of cool this week, I set the MTC Vertical Jump record!!! I got my name put on the wall of Glory!! I jumped a 35.6, which is not the best i got in high school, but its still pretty good:P
The guy said that i am the first white kid to break the record for like 10 or 15 years!!!! That made me feel pretty good:)

I went to Physical therapy again on thursday, and they are continually shocked each week at how much improvement im making! I know that the only reason my hand is healing so quickly is because of the help of the lord. 
I have full range of motion in every direction except when i try to make an L-shape with my hand .
My left hand (the good one) is a 90 degree angle from my pointer finger to my thumb while fully extended. My gimp hand is only about a 70 degree angle.... To fix that they made me a brace to wear at night that basically tethers my thumb to my arm, and forces my thumb out during the night! It hurts super super super bad, and i only got about 3ish hours of sleep since thursday, but i am already noticing improvement in my extension distance:) I only have one more visit, and then im off to the field! 
At the next visit, he is gonna give me 3 sets of increasingly higher strength bands, and tons of excercises. He said that ill be able to gauge where im at and should only have to wear the brace for maybe 5 or 6 more weeks at most!

I got my travel plans in the mail this week!! I am the only person in my travel group, and i report to the travel office at 3:30 AM on Jan 30th.
I then have about a 4 hour flight to houston texas, and then 2 hour layover, and then 2 hour flight to Monterrey!! 
One thing i am stoked out of my mind for is getting to talk to people who arent missionaries or teachers! Ill practice talking to people, and looking for every opportunity i can to help people out:)

The other thing i cant wait for, is when i arrive at the monterrey international airport, Ill be all by myself, in an airport that speaks spanish!!!!! Que Cheveré!!! I have confidence in my spanish, and i know that the lord will help me.

T-9 Days left!

-Elder Jones 
(explanation of pictures)
​My name of the wall of fame!!​

​Picture behind the Provo Temple with the newer district who are so awesome!​


​​​Just my district, but if you kinda crop the Hermanas out of the pictue, it looks like a late 90's christain rap group album cover..... hahaha 

​Normal one:P