Como Estan mis Amados!
Favorite scripture of the week is John 15:14-15. I love how in these verses, jesus says that he considers us his friends! Any of you out there who dont have any friends, just read this verse! We all have at least 1 friend;)
I encourage yall to study this whole chapter this week:)
Awesome week of preparing the capilla for hermana conchita's baptism, and then getting to do it!
The font in the chapel literally had spiderwebs and tons of crap in it.... hasnt been opened for a year or so! We ran into so many problems trying to get everything worked out.... haha
The spout to fill the font actually doesnt work, so we had to buy a hose and fill it from the yard, and we were trying to clean it and found out that the pump to drain the water didnt work! Had to fix that as well! (This all was like a  day process.....) Ended up getting everything fixed finally and ready and the font all filled the day before the baptism, and realized that the water from the hose is really cold........ HAHA! We couldnt change that, so we baptised her in freezing water! Sorry Conchita!
Something that really helped me out and quite honestly made my week was that when we asked her who she wanted to baptise her, she didnt even hesitate, and asked me to do it! I was a little shocked! She then told me that my strong spirit really helped convert her! I really realize now that the gift of tongues isnt always for the language.  I know for a fact that i butchered some of my spanish while talking and teaching with her, but whenever i bore my testimony, the spirit was so strong, and she was able to get her teaching from the spirit:) 
Speaking of me doing the baptismal ordinance..... i forgot to take a picture in my white baptismal outfit... sorry! 
Kinda funny, but everyones names here in mexico are super long and usually have 4 or 5 names. 
right before a blessing, or in this case, the baptismal ordinance, i have to try to remember this huge spanish name, and the blessing prayers in spanish! Theres no way i could do it without the spirit!
Maria Conchita Concepcion Tamez Garza.....haha Thats her full name! kinda cool
Awesome food story! This week we ate with the familia Puente, and had shredded roast beef with salsa tacos on homemade tortillas de harina, and holy crap was that the best food i have ever had!
It was so simple, and just made my spirit happy! hahaha That food was out of this world seriously....And also today actually, seeing as its the last day of the transfer, the whole zone grilled carne asada together! Super fun
About a week ago, me and Elder Teliz decided that we were going to work even harder this transfer. We already are working hard, but we could squeeze in a little more, and we both felt like it!  
Speaking of transfers, me and Elder Teliz are staying here in Sada Vidrio to complete my training! The only thing that changed is that Elder Teliz was called to be the District Leader! How awesome! im excited to get to see and learn more about the mission by being the companion of the district leader! 
Ill just end with how awesome mission life is.... i always say that, but there is something so cool about always doing the lords work! Its like working for the best boss in the whole world! hahaha
Its been a blessing to me already to be out here giving my all, and doing what i can to help the people of Industrios del Vidrio, sector 1,2,3:) I feel close with the people here, and with the ward members especially. 
Also, we payed a visit to a less active boy who is 14 a few weeks ago and he has been coming to church every week since then, and yesterday, he was ordained a teacher in the Aaronic priesthood! That was so cool to! now we have 2 teachers, and that is the extent of the youth in the ward:) haha
Same week that we contacted that boy, (his name is Angel) We contacted a less active of many years whos name is Elias. He actually served a mission, and is married in the temple! We visited him, and that very next sunday he came back to church, has been meeting with the bishop, and yesterday was called as the new mission leader! He said he wants to make up for lost time and help us the best that he can:) our previous mission leader is reactivated as well, and is now the Elders quorum president! The Ward is growing! 
Keep being awesome, and strong in your faith:) The lord provides for us the things that we need:)
Hasta Ver!
Elder Jones