Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!

I got to the airport in Utah around 10AM on wednesday, where me and about 6 other missionaries, half sisters and half elders waited for the shuttle to come get us. We hoped we would get lunch when we arrived at the MTC, but we had just missed it, so none of us got to eat until dinner... That was rough... haha

Upon arrival, I gave my bags to someone to take to my room and then they guided me into the big room to get my tag, todos mis libros en espaƱol, and then into a welcome to the mtc class!

After that I was taken to my room for like 6 seconds just to see where it was at, and then taken to the first of many spanish classes! 

I am actually in one of two sets of Tri-Companionships in the whole MTC! My other two companions, Elder Linker, and Elder Sluga​​ are both going to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin mission, and Im the odd one out going to mexico! 
I was added to their companionship after the fact because of my MTC switch! haha kinda cool.

Im really liking it here actually! I heard that the MTC is the worst part, and that you just have to get through it, but i like it!
My spanish is coming along so well, and it feels really good to be learning again,

My district has two sister companionships, and my tri-panionship. (Picture below) 

We get an hour of gym time everyday, and I know that when the elders made that a rule, they were truly inspired! Getting to let loose and just play basketball and surprisingly enough, 4-square with tons of elders and sisters is so much fun! 
Im also starting to think that maybe I was supposed to be in my brace in the MTC, because even just with my left hand, i start getting super competetive, and then get put back down in my place;)

All around its been awesome! All the elders in my dorm are so funny, and during our only hour back before bedtime, everyone is messing around and doing stupid games that only could be invented by Elders who were so bored with little to no available entertainment!

Me and both of my Companions did the "Initiation Waterboarding Challenge"
This is where you lay on the ground under the drinking fountain and turn the nozzle out so it sprays into your mouth, and you have to see how long you can drink it laying down like that, and its super hard! haha

The spirit is really strong here, and Im so thankful once more for the Mission Prep classes that Brother Grover gave me for a year and a half, because it is helping me so much. I know a lot more than almost all of the other greenies that came to the MTC on the same day as me! Its so nice to be able to help my companions with spanish, and navigating the lessons from preach my gospel.

Till next week!
Elder Jones

Elder Sluga is the one in the blue shirt and glasses in our magnificent mirror selfie, the one that is not me is Elder Linker. 

Our dorm has room for 6 elders, but we only have 3, so we all get 2 closets