Hola! Como estan???

Its also Christmas eve! The funny thing is, I was actually more excited that today is P-day than i was for it to be christmas eve... haha welcome to the MTC.

Our sunday devotional was actually performed by the piano guys! all four of them gave talks and they played 4 or 5 of their pieces. That was really cool.

Also on last p-day after i emailed, me and my companions walked with the hermanas and other elders from our spanish zone to the Provo temple and did an endowment session and that was also sweet.
I was able to listen to the spirit so closely, and it was dope to go through a temple i had never been in before! 

I had my first session of physical therapy this tuesday, so me and my compañeros took the mtc shuttle over to the therapist. They treated it and had me do some exercises and then they cut the huge full gauntlet cast thing off into a little one that is only on my hand!!!! I am able to move my wrist for the first time in 2 months and i feel so free! 

Something thats really cool that keeps happening is that whenever we are teaching our "investigator" Sara, (really just a worker at the mtc who is roleplaying) I feel the spirit so strong. I was teaching the lesson about the ressurecion de jesucristo, and i used a video called "pascua" (spanish) and afterwards, the spirit was crazy powerful, and i bore my testimony in spanish so fluently, and i really felt like a mexican! Que Chevere!

The schedule has died down from the initial crazy arrival schedule, and now everyday is pretty much the exact same thing, so at least now i know what to expect!! 

Stay strong my friends! The gospel is so true, and the spirit blesses me everyday to be able to work hard and help my compañeros to not worry about home and just focus on the work we have at hand.

Feliz Navidad mi amigos! Sentió muy felicidad en el CCM (MTC) 
Con mucho Amor, 
Elder Jones:)