Hola Mi Amigos!!

Halfway through week 4! I leave to go to the field on January 30th, and im so excited! (ill send a separate email with pictures) 

This week had a few different things happen... haha on monday, we were attacked by the vacuum bandit.
Elder sluga left our room open, and we came back from lunch to everything in our room being turned around, the main couches inside, and an adjusting to missionary life pampflet. It was pretty hilarious!!
To top it all off, the vacuums that are provided to each hall, (which have been here since josé Smíth first invented them im pretty sure) was plugged in an running...... haha thats what we get for leaving our door open... (Picture in my pictures email)

Twice this week, I was able to give blessings to 2 of the hermanas (sister missionaries)
A blessing of comfort, and a blessing for the sick and afflicted. 
Hermana spencer was super stressed out, and was really worried about some stuff that was happening at home, and she had broken down and started crying, so i asked her if she would like a blessing for comfort and she said yes. 
She asked if i would give it, and i did! Within the next hour or so, she was feeling okay, and was able to keep studying, and preparing her next lessons for the investigators.

The other blessing was for hermana johnson, who took a spike in volleyball to the head pretty good, and kept getting headaches. 
She asked me if i would give her a blessing, and of course, i said yes!
Elder sluga annointed, and i gave the blessing while elder linker and sluga stood in. 
I was a little better at listening to the promptings of the spirit, and what was crazy is while i was trying to focus on saying exactly what the spirit told me, i accidentally said like 2 or 3 sentences in spanish.... So dope!

On a different note, Elder sluga accidentally pierced his nose with a spiral from a notebook... Not really sure how, but he made a funny sound so i looked over and a little notebook was hanging through his nose and it was bleeding everywhere... that was actually so hilarious!! 
We tried to get one of the sisters to loan us an earring so we could get a sweet picture, but none wanted to for some reason.. haha

I went to Physical Therapy again, and they gave me an even smaller brace that i only wear at night, and its much better! 
I also am allowed to take the brace off a lot during the day, and they told me to start trying to learn to write normal with my thumb again! It hurts super bad to hold the pen, and put just the amount of pressure to write, but its getting better!

On a less happy note, My two other compañeros are constantly arguing, and i dont know how many times i have had to separate them and tell them both to calm down and stop arguing.
I am trying so hard to keep positively reinforcing both of them, and making sure im pointing out whenever either of them does something good, but i literally feel like a babysitter sometimes! 
They both have a hard time just buckling down and studying or working, or giving service. They complain about alot of stuff, and its super hard to keep asking them to focus, and remember why we are all out here. This isnt our two years, this is the lords two years, and things are gonna get much worse for them out in the field if they dont learn this now. 

I am however kinda proud in myself, because i thought that i was gonna have a harder time with a companion (or in this case two) who didnt want to work as hard as me, and complained all the time! But i have been able to keep myself focused, and always be positive for them. I didnt know I had that in me! The lord gives us strength where we need it most!

This language is awesome. There are so many things in spanish that just have a better way of explaining things. It flows so well, and just sounds better than english;)
I re read my patriarchal blessing and it has a paragraph dedicated to my mission language and talks about how i will find the beauty in it, and will be able to learn it and speak it with fluency so long as i am dilligent.
I know that its not my fault that i am learning so fast. The lord is blessing me for my efforts. And i want you all to know, that this two years really is gonna be the lords 2 years, not mine. 

i can not wait to serve the people of Monterrey, and im gonna be the best tool in the lords hands that i can be.

Estoy muy agredecimos por tos de los personas que ayudame cuando estoy creciendo en mi vida. 

Invito a todos de ustedes que recibe este mensaje a compartirlo con un persona que ustedes creen necessitar la luz de cristo. 

Con Amor,

Elder Jones