Como Estan mis Amados!
I like starting off with the scriptural thought for the week:P haha
In 1 Nephi 16:23, we get the example of how nephi found a solution to the problem at hand and did all that he could before he went to the lord. In this story, Nephi broke his bow and he couldnt hunt for food for his family. All of his family started complaining and whining and not doing anything, and Nephi took iniciative and found a solution. He made a new bow out of what he could find and then prayed and asked the lord where he could find food. He asked for guidance! Not for the problem to be solved for him! I really like that attitude, especially as a missionary, its super important when you have to report a problem in the area, or something that is impeding progression of the work, that you have already thought of your solution, and your just calling the president to make sure its ok with him. The worst missionaries are the ones who always have problems for the president, and never a solution!
Last Pday, me and one other companionship got permission to go to "Parque Fundidora" Its a huge park that used to be a metal factory. One of the first ones that helped found Monterrey. In the last like 50 years i think they turned it into a big park. 
We rented bikes and rode around the whole thing, so ill put pictures and some videos in the other email:).
Ill start off with the sad news... We were not able to get ahold of, or find Perla "the miracle contact"....... We came to her house 3 or 4 different times and only found her daughter, everytime she had just left:/ The first time we went to visit her, nobody was home, so i had the idea to leave a book of mormon with a pass along card in the page that had the scriptures we wanted to share with her. I also marked the scriptures so she would know what verses. The next day when we came back, the book of mormon was gone, and i really hope she was able to read those verses and recieve some comfort!
Now two cool experiences!
Ill start off with my testimony of how important it is to listen to promptings of the spirit... Me and elder teliz both had the feeling that we needed to stop by and visit Hermana Conchita (our investigator with a baptismal date) We had just finished our daily planning and didnt have her name on the list, but hey! haha the spirit has a way better daily agenda than we do.... 
We swung by her house, and she just started laughing cause she said that the vacation she had for the following week just had to get cancelled! The vacation is why we had to put her date for the 25th of march, but she asked us if we could move her baptism to the 11th of the month! This upcoming saturday! uhhhhhhhhhhh HECK YEAH YOU CAN!!!!!!!! haha 
She told us that after she got off the phone from her vacation being cancelled, she had a really strong feeling that the missioneros were going to come visit her! She said her testimony was reaffirmed that we really can recieve communication from god. Super important to always listen to the promptings of the spirit
The other is that i finally taught a whole lesson in English!!!! Super super super drunk guy yells at us from across the street "HEY ELDERS" Astonished to hear english, we walked over to him, and he started talking with us, and he just got deported from the United States like a month ago. he was born in mexico, but when he was a kid, they moved to the US, and he went to english school and high school and everything. 
We (i) gave a lesson about how we can overcome trials through faith, and showing our faith to the lord, and having confidence that we can make it out alright. I dont remember what scriptures i shared, but he started crying, and said that he wanted us to come back! Hopefully ill have more story on this for you next week!
We are working on family history with conchita, and she is already excited to take her family names to the temple to do their baptisms! She is so awesome... We have been able to get her family tree back to 14 generations right now.... like 100 something names for her to do... She is progressing so much, and with the baptism this saturday it will be in my first transfer! 
The assistents to the presidents said that i might fulfill the prophesy! The prophecy is that a white elder will have a trainer that started training right after his training, which i have, This white elder will get a baptism in his first transfer, and will start training right after his first 12 weeks (the duration of your training) Will become a trainer!!!!! That has never happened before in the history of this mission, and im working my butt off to try to attain it. 
I do keep in mind, that what the lord has in mind, is what the lord has in mind. Wherever i get called or whatever positions in the mission are where im supposed to be, and im okay with that:) It just would be pretty cool the be the Chosen One.... Like Anakin! but ill bring balance to the force, not destroy it! 
Till next week
Elder Jones