Whats up everybody?!
This week in my scripture studies, i came across so many scriptures that i really loved, but ill just share 2 of them... haha
First off, in Alma 14:20-23, Alma is in jail because he and his buddies were preaching about christ and the people didnt like it. I was reading this and realized their experience is very similar to that of Joseph Smith in his various jail times! (Joseph never busted the whole jail down, but yall know what i mean!) I never realized before!
The other one is in Alma 43:24. In this verse, we have evidence of the best Spy in the world! The holy spirit! Moroni was trying to figure out what the lamanites where gonna do, and he had sent various spies to check on them, and then he knew through the spirit what the lamanites were gonna do! haha I guess that shows how much better it is to have god on your side. Moroni and the nephites didnt want to kill the lamanites, but the lamanites were the opposite. The nephites were living the gospel, and just wanted to protect their families and their religion! Thats why the lord was on their side:) Super cool!!
Had the awesome experience this week of getting to direct my area! My comp is the district leader, and once a week, we have companionship exchanges with the other elders in the district, so every week, i go to a new area for a day and a night. Because im still in my "training" im not allowed to stay in my normal area and have another missionary come and stay with me.
This time, elder Teliz said that he knows im ready, and he left me here and i directed the area!
It was super awesome, and i was able to lead and guide using the spirit, and took the lead in all of the teachings we had. Invited a bunch of people to read sections of the book of mormon, and found a new person who we are gonna start teaching! Loved it!
One thing that wasnt so cool is that we had a lesson this week where when we talked about joseph smith, and the book of mormon, he instantlt got super mad adn started yelling at us and calling us satan worshippers cause we dont believe in the bible and all this crazy stuff and kicked us out of his house.... So yeah, Thanks Dude! haha
This week, i gave my first blessing in spanish! HECK YEAH! untill this point, i have been doing the annointing, cause thats just the memorized part, but i actually gave the blessing this week! I honestly felt like i could listen to the voice of the spirit, and convey what needed to be said in spanish! I was actually hearing the spirit in spanish.... how freaking cool is that????? haha i was all sorts of happy afterwards.
We are working right now with an awesome family, and they are progressing so fast, and are pointing out the way the spirit is blessing their lives! their names are Damariz and Arnulfo and they have two little kids:) We actually helped them decorate their volkswagen beetle a week or so ago(i sent a picture a while ago) and they took us to church this week in that sweet ride! You better believe we rolled up to church and fit their family, me and my companion and their uncle! 7 people, 5 of which were adults fit in a 2 door beetle:) Welcome to mexico my friends:)
Kinda funny, we have a less active family and its a mom(sandra) and her daughter(sarita)
Sarita was born with only 2 of the 4 ventricles of her heart, literally only half of it, and has a few brain defects as well. She looks like she is about 16 years old, but is actually 37... She is a walking miracle, and the doctors say she could die literally any second.. and they have been saying that for the past 37 years!
Anyways, she really really really likes me, and we always tell her that missionaries only can shake hands, but she doesnt really care, so she always attack hugs and then kisses my cheek.... its normal in mexico to kiss someone on the cheek to say hello or goodbye, and our rule here is if someone is gonna do it, not to just pull away cause thats super rude... we jsut have to tell them after that we  cant do that, but sarita doesnt care. haha she always just pretends that she doesnt know! haha Elder Teliz thinks its hilarious...
Anyways, mission life is the bomb diggity! feelign the spirit is awesome, and i encourage all of you to strive forward in the gospel:)
Elder Jones:)