Buenos Tardes!
I had a pretty good week this week! I have been working super hard at studying the scriptures and really making the most of my time!
Something i came across that was kinda funny, but super true is found in Mosiah 4:14-15.
It talks about how we shouldnt let kids just do bad stuff cause they are kids, but instead, teach them how to live correctly! I think that is something members of the church try to do really well! Here in mexico, i have seen that this is probably one of the biggest problems that just kinda makes everything go downhill. All the parents dont really "have time" for their kids and just let them do whatever cause they are kids! I cant tell you how many 8,9,10 or 11 year old kids i have seen smoking ciggaretes or drinking Tecate (Beer). Its so sad! 
Another scripture i liked was Alma11:28-29. I love how simple the answers we get sometimes are! haha 
This week, for the first time, i really honestly felt like i was able to understand and participate in the lessons like i want to:) I was able to use my scriptures to explain doctrine, understand fully what was being said in the lesson, and even make some jokes and cause some laughs!!!!
Something that i was and have been struggling with is that i LOVE making people laugh, and just being a goofball sometimes! It has been really hard to be able to do that while im trying to make sure that im understanding what is being said first. This week, i finally have felt confident enough to start cracking some jokes, and some of the families in the ward were surprised! They were all like, we thought you were super serious! hahaha nope, i just had the speaking capacity of a 6 year old;) but its getting better, im starting to be able to act like me again!(just a spicier version;)
Got into a car accident this week......me and my companion and 2 other elders were all crammed into a tiny nissan taxi and we slammed into the back of a truck.... That was super fun.... hahaha 
None of us were injured luckily, just mostly got a cool story out of it;) The car was 100 percent chance totaled.... it was only worth about 300 dollars in the first place, so im pretty sure it was time for a new taxi anyways... 
In my studies the past 3 or 4 weeks, i have been making "Elder Jones's Ultimate Guide to the Scriptures" 
Its a compilation of all the topics of the lessons, and other common questions we get, with scripture references first from the bible, and the a corresponding verse from the book of mormon to seal off the doctrine:) Its been helping alot, and is actually helping to memorize where they all are! hopefully i wont have to use my guide by the end of my training.
One of the best things......WE GOT HOT WATER IN THE HOUSE FINALLY!!!!!!! We can take warm showers now, and its so amazing.... Never again will i under appreciate warm water showers.....
Another freaking awesome thing... i decided to apply the teachings of my wise mission prep teacher, brother Grover, and bought a fanny pack! A big ugly fanny pack:) Turns out its way better for my back than having a side bag, and it holds just as much stuff! haha ill put pictures in the other email, dont worry;) 
I have a cool story about listening to promptings of the spirit! 
We had recently changed key chains cause our old one broke, and for some reason, our oil vial didnt get transferred to our keys. We had recently left the house, and i for some reason felt like we should check for the oil vial! we checked, and it wasnt on our keys... we returned to the house to get it, and shure as heck, the first house we contacted had someones grandma who was really sick, and we offered to give a blessing! So we did! and now we have a new family of investigators:) Thanks Holy Ghost!
Had the opportunity to help one of our investiagators (Jose Rodriques) and i taught him how to change the oil, and oil filter on his 1993 VW Beetle! So awesome! (pictures in other email) I just taught him how to do it all, and now he knows a little more about cars:) Super fun, and i didnt realize that i missed working on stuff like that and getting my hands dirty a little! Who would have known?! haha
Ill close with how the ward was this week! We had a record high attendance of 55 people in the sacrament meeting, and for the first time, have all the of callings that attend ward council filled with people! We had the first real ward council in this ward in forever! Its super helpful, and hopefully we can keep helping this ward grow! Serving a mission isnt only about bringing new invstigators, we are supposed to support and help the ward just as much! 
Pretty cool:)

Till next week yall!
Elder Jones