Buenos Dias!
Another week in the field!!!! Missionary life is crazy! haha
Ill start off with the favorite scripture of the week:) 1 nephi 17:51..... nephi is telling his brothers how its so easy and simple that god is gonna show him how to build a boat! How is it that all these other miracles can happen, but god cant teach me how to build a boat?? 
Thats a super good attitude to have! Especially as a missionary.... why cant god help me with the little stuff? I know for a fact that he already has been, and will continue to bless me with the little things that need to happen. 
Here in Sada Vidrio, we have been working so much with the less actives in the ward. There are way more less actives than there are members! Last week we had 6 members who hadnt been to church in over a year come again! And this week all 6 of them, and 3 more came to sacrament meeting!! 
The bishop expressed his thanks to me and Elder Teliz for working with them, cause we have been having more attendance than there has been for a while. 
This week, my mission had the opportunity to visit a conference with President Nelson!!! The Apostle president Nelson! 
We all met up at the Monterrey Temple, and had a 4 hour conference thing and it was so sick! What was also awesome, is that he spoke in english, and after every sentence, a translater changed it to spanish. I got to hear the talk 2 times, in 2 different languages, all at the same time! 
I really wish i could bring President Nelson into my lessons with Investigators...
Had the opportunity to move into a new house! I dont live in stinkville dirty cochroach infested swamp house anymore!!!!!! (i attached a video "MTV Cribs" session to introduce the house)
Its so much better.... in every aspect... EXCEPT................... We dont have warm water:) haha i have been showering cold for the past few days. But hey! I wouldnt be on the mission if EVERYTHING worked out perfectly;)
Really really cool experience, and then another fun one:)
Had a woman yell out to us to come talk to her in a mercadito this week. We walked over, and she instantly asked us what were our beliefs on what happens after this life, and if we can ever see those who have passed away again... I looked at my comp and he nodded me on, and i started explaining that i know that after this life, we are going to be able to live with and see our families again. Through revelation of Joseph Smith, we know this and so much more. She immediately started crying, and told us that her oldest son who is 22 was killed in a car accident 2 days prior and she didnt know what to do. We talked to her for about 20 minutess there in the street and got her address and number, and gave her a pamflet about the Plan of Salvation. Her name is Perla, and ill let you all know how the lesson goes next monday!
I love that the message i have to bring to people, is one of immense happiness. Nothing makes me happier:)
Last little thing is that i had the opportunity to see a baby!!!!!! like a little 1 year old baby! I didnt realize HOW MUCH i missed my siblings, and kids in general until we were in the house of a less active, and the baby kept laughing at me and elder teliz taught most of the lesson cause i was too busy releasing my inner child and bonding with this little mexican baby! haha little kids are the best, because its so easy to see the light of christ in them! (and finally someone who i can speak better spanish than:P)
(pics in other email) 
Love yall! 
Cuidase mucho! 
Elder Jones