Hola Mi Amigos!

I leave the MTC for the field on Monday at 3 in the morning!!! Im so excited!!! It is seriously gonna be so much fun, and i just cant wait for all the opportunities im gonna have to share this gospel. 
I invite anybody who wants to, look up monterrey on google maps, and go to the street view and check it out!! You basically draw a line down the middle of the city, and my mission is on the east side!
I have some awesome news!! I went to my last physical therapy session here in the MTC on thursday, and they said that it is healing really well, and i dont have to wear the brace anymore!!! its so amazing! He just said to wear it during exercise, and maybe during service or things of that nature. I have been so blessed with the whole healing process, and i know that it is the lords doing. 
Sorry that my email is a little late today, since i leave on monday, my pday schedule was super weird... But this week has been pretty busy! I got a haircut yesterday, and on wednesday when the new missionaries arrived, I was a Host! This basically means that i meet kids at the curbs, and take a picture of them and their family, and then take the suitcases for them, and lead them through all of the stuff they need to do and get them situated. That was pretty cool! Getting to help calm some nerves of the parents, and helping the new missionaries know how things are gonna go for the next few weeks.
My district was chosen to help start a class for all of the new arrivals. We basically were the examples on how the first 5 minutes or so of a first lesson, or new contact should go. It was really fun, but i seriously think im forgetting how to speak english! 3 or 4 times, I asked a question in spanish and didnt even realize it until my companions nudged my leg! Pretty cool!
I am unbelieveably excited for the field. I cant wait to be out in the real world, only speaking spanish, (which is waaaaay better than english) and just working! 
Overall, my whole time here in the MTC, I have been freezing my arizona-butt off...... It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold here...I never thought i would say it, but i cant wait for the sun in mexico! the past month the average high has been like in the 65 to 70's! Much better than like 4 degrees.. haha
Ill end with a cool little story! After i was at therapy, we were waiting for the shuttle to come and pick us up, so we just were looking around in the pharmacy section of the physical therapy place, which was basically like a walgreens. We grabbed some sodas, and then at the checkout, there was a couple from venezuela who didnt speak any english. Can you guess what language they were speaking? if you guessed spanish, you were right;)  I was able to help translate for him and the register guy! It was so dope! It gave me that much more confidence in my spanish for when i arrive at the Mexico airport all by myself and have to rely on the help from god and my knowlege of Spanish!
I only have one picture attached today cause i forgot to take pictures.... but this picture is of our district roleplaying a bus contact:)
I am being taught, and the bus driver is our maestro:)
(I may send an email later that has one or two videos if i can find who took them!)

Love yall!
Elder Jones