Que Onda!!!!

This week, i really liked the scripture in John 5: 43-47. Its a more "technical" set of scriptures, but its very true!! Jesus is talking about how he was sent here by his father, Our Heavenly Father, and the people dont believe in him. He then even turns it back on them and says how they all believe in the writings of moses, and if moses had said all the same things that jesus was saying, they would have believed him! But Jesus was sent here by the same God, and his mission was to replace the law of moses, with the law of loving one another, and forgiveness, charity, compassion, and a bunch more of good feelings! (Check out Galatians 5:22-23)

Pretty interesting week this week! Had some pretty hilarious experiences

Ill start off by talking a little about Cruz, she is an investigator we started teaching about 2 weeks ago. She has 19 years, and she is working at the local Soriana (basically walmart) We taught her our first lesson a week or so ago, and this week, had a second lesson. Ill tell the funny/awkward part first, and then the cool spiritual part after.... Here in mexico, mostly everyone does a little kiss on the cheek type of way to greet people. Especially if your from the same age. So she walked out of her house and we went to shake her hand, and she just grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek, and then right away after she did the same to my companion. haha it kind of caught us off guard, but we just explained afterwards that while we are on the mission, "no podemos saludar a beso" or we cant greet with a kiss... haha she got super embarrased and felt bad and said she didnt know, but we laughed about it and told her not to worry at all. 
After that, we started the lesson, and we talked alot about prayer. She said she is christian, but never has really gone to church. (most mexicans are catholic) And we asked her if she was familiar with prayers! She said not really, but she has said a prayer a few times in her life when she needed something or was in a really hard time. At the end of the lesson, i invited her to say the closing prayer with us! She really really really didnt want to... haha she said she wasnt good enough at praying and she didnt want to say a bad prayer in front of the missionaries! Thats crazy! there is no such thing as a bad prayer! We explained that to her, and she still didnt want to, so i offered to say an example prayer and then she could do hers. she said ok, so i did and then when i finished i said ok, now me and my companion will listen to you say one:) (and yes with a big ol smile on my face) She sat in silence for like a minute, and then tapped me on the shoulder and said " i cant do it!" so then i offered to help her by saying some of the things and then her repeating them to get started. That worked good! She started it off, and then said her own prayer! it was awesome! She said it felt really cool, and she will keep praying about our message. 

Last saturday, we left the ciber from writing, and went to a lesson with Lydia. She is the one who decided to stop smoking and all that good stuff. Well we had another lesson with her, and she said the prayer at the end as well, and she just started bawling afterwards. She said she felt so secure and sure that this was the right path, and she felt gods love for her during her prayer. It was such a cool experience, and she is awesome. She is an amazing example to all! going from a pack a day to not having smoked in 2 weeks! 

We set a record this week in the Ward Sada Vidrio! We had 74 people in church! and 4 of them were investigators! it was insane to see our tiny little chapel completely full! Our bishop was super happy and it was awesome to see how the ward is progressing. Thats one awesome benefit of working in the same ward for a long time! 

And now..... Even though im a missionary, im never gonna be too mature or old for some fart jokes:)

We were walking, headed towards a lesson, and a lady yelled to us to come talk to her. We crossed the street, and saw she was unshowered, and realized she smelled kind of bad... She was rambling about a ton of random stuff, and it was pretty hard to follow... cause she didnt want us to talk. And then we both heard a sound that we were very familiar with, She let out a subtle (but dangerous) fart. Im talking kind of wet and bubbly... to the point where it sounded fake. I chose to think it was another sound. UNTIL...it happened again. She was mid word, and she ripped one again. Im gonna describe this one so you can just feel like your here with me. It was so nasty, i can almost promise that not only air came out. I made eye contact with Elder Page and that was a mistake. 
It was a miracle that we didnt bust out laughing and make her feel bad, i think the spirit helped with that. So that was pretty hilarious

Other story is my own fault.. i trust all of you so im just gonna tell you straight up what happened. 
We had to go to the cell phone center in a mall in the center of monterrey, to fix a problem with the mission phones. One the way out, a store called liverpool had a big blowout sale on church pants so we decided to check them out really quick. Im not sure why, but i had to use the bathroom but i was just gonna hold it till we got back to the offices. This means i had let out a few farts. (not allowed to laugh Levi, Jacob, Emmett) I let out a pretty decent one, and out of no where the store attendent walks over. Elder page got a whiff, and his eyes started watering and he walked away, and then the poor lady at the store just wanted to help the tall gringo out and she walked into a cloud of death. Page was on the other side of the rack dying of laughter, and she just kinda was there for a second, and then walked away cause she realized her mistake. 
There has been a few other times in my life where i have laughed that hard. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time for her... hahhahahahahaha 

Sorry for the gross stories, but thats what when down, so actually your welcome:) 

Missionary life is crazy, but i love it! All the crazy stories, and situations just are awesome! i love being able to teach and get to know all these people. 

Love yall!! 

Elder Jones

 wearing another elders glasses... hahaha they said now i look more like a secretary... haha
The original well fargo car, collecting old metal and dirt like normal!