Como les va???????? Espero que sea bien:)

This week, i may have already picked this as a weekly favorite, but im choosing them again:) Ether 12:6,12,27. Read those three scriptures in that order, and youll see why i like them so much! ill talk more about them in an experience im gonna write about right now.

First of all, yall remember conchita? my first baptism in the mish? well this week she was called as the secretary of Relief Society! That was so awesome to hear in sacrament meeting. i felt all happy and looked at her and she was super smiley. She is an example for everyone! from first lesson, to baptism in less than a transfer! And then keeping firm in the faith, and always looking for more and more opportunities to serve and keep getting better. She is awesome:) 

Had an experience this week that i have been wanting and trying to have ever since i left home! We started teaching a girl named lydia. she is like 22 i think, and she smokes a pack of cigarretes a day. She actually works for our bishop in his company. She out of the blue asked to listen to us! We came over about 2 hours later and had the lesson right there in the office! It was such a good lesson, and we talked all about the church and the restoration of the gospel. I then felt prompted to invite her to baptism! I asked her if she would be baptised on the 23 of september (a little more than a month of time) and she accepted!!!! 
As if that wasnt enough, i then felt prompted to ask her if she was willing to make the necessary changes in her life? She said of course, and i asked her "are you ready to stop smoking?" She kinda got caught off guard, but then said with almost teary eyes, yes i am. i wanna be better. I then asked her if she would give me her cigarretes and lighter, and she did! hahaha it was so awesome and she has currently gone 4 days without touching a cigarrete!!!! we have our second lesson with her right after we are gonna be done writing, and im so freaking excited!!! PLEASE KEEP LYDIA IN YOUR PRAYERS! PRAY FOR HER TO BE ABLE TO HAVE THE STRENGTH TO LEAVE THIS HABIT BEHIND:) haha thanks 

One experience that is just classic for my mission so far! Made a door contact, and me and my comp worked together really well, and we felt the spirit, and ended up teaching the whole first lesson right there on their porch in about 15-20 minutes. She looked about our age, andwas super interested! she kept asking awesome questions and then even answering some of them herself! we were getting ready to set a day to come back and visit again, and she says "im actually from tampico, im just visiting for the weekend!" hahaha well at least we planted a big ol seed for the elders in tampico;) got her home address and we are gonna pass the reference to them. 

Today, us and the other 2 secretaries found a group of guys maybe a little older than us playing basketbal, and we joined in! the first time since i have been in the office that i have really gotten to play sports until i was just tired! it was amazing! i cant wait to have pday with the rest of the mission again and play sports every week:) 

Being out here serving as a missionary of the lord full time is a whole other world. nothing like i have ever done before! Im so glad i decided to be out here doing this. i love it:) 

Also love you guys!
til next week

Elder Jones 

Mexico, where they have piƱatas of blonde boys with blue eyes... hahaha 

Picture with conchita! she is going out of town for like a month