Good Afternoon!!!! Another week gone just like that!

The scripture i like the most this week is found in Ephesians 4: 31-32. Its a pretty simple one, but its basically what Jesus Christ implemented when he came to the earth. The people were living the law of moses before him, which was eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth. The Gospel of Christ is that we are to forgive, and to love and to see the good in the world. Easier said than done right! I truly believe that if the world could just understand this verse, we would be a lot better off! 

Fun little service project this week, we got to help an older member of our ward (shes a widow) take out a TON of stuff from her house... old broken picture frames, a tv that im pretty sure was the first television ever freaking built (weighed about 40000 lbs) and just a bunch of old rusty metal and wood! It took like an hour and we got it all down the stairs and called a member of the ward who has a truck and we took it all to the dump. pretty fun! i love service opportunities. 

Kinda sad story... me and elder page were in line at Telcel (the cell service in mexico) buying some more lines for incoming missionaries and i felt prompted to start talking to the guy behind us in line. (it was a dmv worthy line.... we had already been standing in front of him for like 20 minutes...) I just kinda started talking to him and asking him about himself, and he answered me in english!! he saw that we were a little surprised, and said he has lived in chicago since he was like 20, so for the past 25 years!! He then told us that he was deported 2 months ago.... his wife and kids are still in chicago:/ Him and his wife moved there illegaly, and the only reason he was caught now is cause he was in a car accident and they ran his insurance and found out he was illegal. Deported him a week later! I took the opportunity to share a scripture with him about trials and how our whole time here on the earth is just one big trial! We overcome one problem, SO that we can be able to overcome the next one..... so they will just keep getting harder and harder. But if we get close to christ and start doing things right, we will come out on top. He said he applied for citizenship, and he has some friends in the United states who are helping him to get his paperwork through. I asked if we could say a prayer with him right there in the line at the cellphone store! Such a cool experience, and i was able to give him a pamflet and take his address cause he said he wanted to listen to the missionaries in his house. Take whatever change you can to share the gospel!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2 pretty cool contacts this week, we came upon two kids (maybe like 16 years old) playing basketball 1v1 so we asked if they wanted to play 2v2 to 11 points. so we played! haha we won obviously, but we made it look like they were close to beating us cause we didnt want our double white boy homegrown american basketball skills to just ruin their childhood while i dunked from the free throw line..... (i was wearing my nike elites under my church shoes) hahaha we talked to them after and gave them a pamflet and are gonna visit them this week. 

I almost broke my finger this week!! a bunch of people were in the office, and missionaries love messing with eachother, and its kinda been the joke of the mission that nobody can succesfully pull something off on The Jones! So i was putting in reimbursements like usual, and the other 3 secretaries and 4 other missionaries had gotten like 6 big things of packing tape and were gonna tape me to my chair. all of the sudden i heard all 7 missionaries running at me, so instead of getting taped, i just kicked my chair backwards (so i fell straight backwards onto my back in my chair) and they all just jumped on top and i stood up and tackled like 4 of them, and then someone stepped on my pointer finger at the wrong angle... haha it was kinda crooked and super swollen.... our mission presidents wife saw it and was all sorts of worried, i told her its probably fine, and i have athletic tape and ill just fix it!! she made me go to the doctor.... i just dislocated it at the joint in the middle of the finger and pulled the ligaments along side of the knuckle... so now i have a dumb little finger brace:) haha

This week we had our monthly interviews, and president told me some stuff that was pretty cool. He said that he took a risk putting me into the offices right after i finished my training, and they werent sure how it would work out, but he told me that he has never had the offices run so smooth and efficiently. He thanked me for my super happy spirit and ability and desire to work. he said he cant wait for me to keep helping the mission after i leave the offices. President isnt one who really gives lots of praise, but this time he really did! I was even extra super happy after that! haha 

Awesome week pretty much! Monterreye feels exactly like Arizona heatwise... but its all good! haha grown up in it forever.

Love all yall!

Elder Jones

My dope yucatan Amacka!

 Elder Kemptons 19th birthday! 

 Few minutes after the war of missionaries... haha 

On the way home from a ward activity! the other guy with us is in the top right corner of the screen... hah