Que Ha Habido!!

My favorite scripture for this week is found in Juan 20, verses 24-29. Its talking about one of the apostles of christ, thomas, and how he wasnt with the other apostoles when jesus was ressurected and he heard from them that christ had come back to life! but he wasnt so sure, so jesus asked him to feel the marks in his hands and sides and then thomas knew. What i love is that jesus said he was able to see and to touch, but those who dont get that experience, how much more blessed they are to have faith enough to believe.

Something thats actually pretty dope this week! So there is a guy here in monterrey in one of the wards in our stake named Hermano Ovalle. like 500 years ago, he served his mission in yucatan. Apparently, everyone in yucatan sleeps in hammocks! Not just everyday hammocks, but hand-woven by yucatanese prisoners hammocks. Coolest thing ever, right??!! They are the most amazingly comfortable, cool looking, and just totally awesome hammocks i have ever used. Elder Allred had bought one from him, and i used it all the time. i got in contact with this guy and turns out he had just gotten back from yucatan like 2 hours earlier, and he had brought like 7 hammocks to sell. So me and elder Page both bought one! i mounted them in our walls and i have slept in it a few times now. HAND WOVEN BY PRISONERS FROM YUCATAN!!! Dudes and chicks who have life sentances, just make these hammocks all day long and the prison sells them for just enough to cover the cost of material, also benefiting the poor people cause they get their hammocks to sleep really cheep! 

This week was also pretty running and gunning here in the offices, cause i had to close out the month! Lots of transactions, reimbursements, filing reports, balancing accounts, and basically closing everything up with a nice little bow on top and sending everything to the head auditor for the missions here in mexico. So there is a lot of time taking procedures and steps that are kinda mind numbing.... but i got it all done, with one day to spare:) Something i have learned, is that im really good at this finance stuff. but i dont like doing it... haha like it all really makes sense and i can do it pretty efficiently, but its not a career i would ever want to be in! Something i learned about myself:) 

We were door contacting one afternoon, and we came across a middle aged lady mopping her front porch, so like always we offered to help, and she was kind rude and short with us, but i cracked a joke about how white guys are the best at mopping and she laughed and then would actually listen to us! We talked to her for like 15 minutes, and shared a brief testimony about jesus christ, and his atonement. She then told us that she was super catholic, and actually served a catholic service mission! She asked us if we still wanted to visit her even though she will never change religion. We reassured her "of course!! our purpose isnt always to change peoples religion! our job as missionaries is to increase the faith that people have in god, and help them realize how much a part of our everyday lives he is! She was pretty happy about that, and we are gonna visit her this upcoming week, so well see how that goes.

One kind of funny story that just basically sums up missionary life... We were talking to another lady, a young mom actually, and i shared a super brief testimony and we were asking her some questions about her beliefs and she really just wasnt interested... she kept texting and about doing everything besides pay attention. We were just about to close it up and leave cause she clearly didnt want to listen, and then while we were in the middle of talking, she just stood up and went back inside her house and closed the door..... Thanks lady! haha im glad that i have a personality that i can just laugh stuff off, and keep going like nothing, but lots of missionaries get their feelings hurt by that stuff, and i think my comp was a little sad about it as well, but i just know that every person has their time to listen to the words of christ. Someone who doestn want to listen, isnt ready! at some point, they will be ready to accept the gospel, and at that point, the spirit will be able to testify and bless in their lives. 

Loving life:) and ill be out of the offices in less than 3 months! back out and spending more time helping and teaching the people of monterrey! I do really enjoy being in the offices, but im a people person:) haha
Till next week,
Elder Jones

 Me and my comp, Elder Page
 Our recent convert, Damariz and all of us rocking our sombreros at lunch!
my companion isnt actually the one standing next to me, its the other white guy... haha