Hows it hanging back at home?? haha

This week, i really liked a scripture found in Mormon 8:16. Talks about how the book of mormon was prepared to come forth inthe time that it did. To bring the last of the light that was missing!! Helping bring more and more people out of the darkness! With the bible and the book of mormon hand in hand, together, we have the fulness of the gospel! How lucky are we that we live in this time! 

Another week in the offices, CHECK!! This week was like a little mini christmas for us here in the office! Since my first week here as a secretary, i wanted to find some way i could contribute to the mission, that would help it and leave my little mark. Leave something better than the way you found it, right? Well that thing is called a "One Time Order" i looked it up on a bunch of church mission sites, and started figuring it out, and basically what it is is an allowance of money to "resupply" the mission. So little by little i have been working it into the numbers and revising it and then i presented it to president and he was suuuupper happy with the idea cause all of the fridges and stove things and mattresses are like 8 years old. and 8 years of missionary use, is like about 450 years normal use, so everything is ancient!!!!!!!
Long story short, i submitted it to be approved by the area presidency and this week it got approved!! The next day, i had 30 new refrigerators delivered, and we are starting to get them all out to the missionaries! now we are just waiting for the rest of the stuff to get here. 
We took a picture, and are delivering it with all of the fridges we give out. haha our little legacy

This week, we contacted a guy who was soooooo high on something, i actually thought his heart was gonna stop beating while he was talking at us... haha he waslooking right through us and his eyes were redder than blood! he was talking all sorts of nonsense and it was kind of funny. we left him a picture of jesus, and said we would pass by another day. classic!

Pretty hilarious... we walked by a bench in the park and from far off, we saw that it was two really really old ladies.... as we got closer, we realized that they were listening to super hard rap.. IN ENGLISH. the two just didnt match up, and it was hilarious! And then not even 5 minutes later, we heard some other weird noise, and then 2 little chiuauas ran right by us and they were being chased by a medium sized pig! in the middleof the road! hahaha i just love mexico some times

We found a new investigator named Cruz this week, She has 19 years and she accepted the first lesson really well! we are gonna see if she will go with us to church tommorow! She understood pretty well thelesson, and had some awesome questions. Well see if we can get her to go to church with us:) 

Not a ton to write about, mostly office stuff, but it was a very succesful week in the offices of the mexico monterrey east mission:) 

Work your hardest wherever it is your gonna work! 

Love yall
Elder Jones 

 The new printer that prints 55 sheets per minute..... amazing...
the picture we are sending with every fridge