Buenas tardes!!
This week was suuupper crazy in the offices... it was the first week of transfers, and my companion elder allred left the offices to go be another normal missionary again! My new companions name is elder Page. He is from utah, and he is pretty cool! I have already started teaching him and he is cathching on pretty quick.
I had a really good three months with elder Allred. He was one of the shyest people i had met! I thought it was gonna be a really boring 2 transfers, but i kept talking and joking with him, and he opened up! Turns out, he was hilarious and now is a great friend.:) Our last day, he told me that he had never had a friend that opened him up like that before. Now he said he doesnt really feel scared to talk to new people, and his is already killing it out there in the field again!
Elder Page is pretty cool! He really loves hunting. So much so, that he actually killed a buck like 12 hours before he got set apart to leave for his missin! haha pretty dope!
The first day with elder page was the first day of transfers. The offices on transfer day are CRAZY!!! all the missionaries coming andgoing, and its my job to make sure al the taxis know where their areas are, and keep calilng taxisto comeback and printing out maps and getting people their reimbursements. Normally, its a taskng job for two, but seeing as elder Page was new, it was all up to me... haha you all know me, and know that i was loving every second about running aroundlike crazy doing 3 things at a time and just gettingit all done efficiently. 
Actually really reminded me about the fireworks tents i used to run, and when it was july 4th, thewhole day just flew by becuase it was go go go since the beginning! Awesome!
One crazy catastrope averted.... thanks for saving the day Elder Jones!
So elder allred before he left the offices, was supposed to order the bus to come to the offices to pick up the 12 missionaries who finished their missions and was time to go to the airport in the morning. It needs to be ordered 4 days ahead of time so it can be reserves. Turnsout that allred forgot to order the bus.... so it was 7pm thenight before the missionaries were gonna go home, and i had a promting about the bus! I called allred and he said he never ordered it.... my heart dropped and i thought all the elders and sisters were gonna miss their flights in the morning....
Long long looooooong story short, i was able to get ahold ofthe owner of the bus company, talk to him about our church and what we do as missionaries and whyit was so important they didnt miss their flights! After like an hour of talknig with him, he finally said they would do it last minute, and he didnt even raise the price very much! HECK YEAH!! no one ever knew that everything almost went to crap except me and elder page. haha his first day he witnessed the worst so we can just go up from here.
Not much time this week... we almost never have time to work in the area proselyting, so we have some lessons in our pday time today!  We are gonna go preach a little bit, and ill be back on later to write as many of yall as i can:)
and hopefully ill have time to send fotos!!
Elder Jones