Buenas tardes mi amigitos!! 

My favorite scripture this week 

This week, we watched the movie "the restoration" with conchita, and helped answer questions as they came up. She cried a few different times during the movie, and then we asked her after what was something she liked about the movie, and she bore her testimony to us for like 15 minutes. I was at the point of tears! I literally have never felt something like sitting in front of the person that you taught, and baptised and having them bear such a powerful testimony:) I truly felt the joy of christ! Such an awesome experience!!

Remember Enrique the taxista from last weeks email? Like i said, we have been working really hard with him, as his family has lots of issues and just lots of stuff. He came to church last week with his wife, and that was such a big breakthrough!! Anyways, we were hoping things were better and we were tracting in the area, and we happened into his wife (mireya) She was booking it around the park! (im talking like really running fast, she was putting in work! looked like usain bolt training for the olympics or something) 
She put the brakes on and stopped to greet us, and we noticed that she had been crying for some time. She kinda just broke down and told us everything that has been going on, and just sooooo many things. We ended up talking to her in the park for like 45 minutes....... Im not gonna go into detail, but at the start of the conversation, she told us she was thinking of just leaving everything! We talked to her about the importance of families and just a ton of stuff, even sharing scriptures right on the spot with her. She really calmed down, and we set a day to have a family home evening with them this upcoming monday:) She said she never goes running, but she felt like doing it today, and she knows that she ran into us for a reason!!!! 
I also know it was for something, cause we turned in a street earlier than we were supposed to to head back to our house, so we wouldnt even have gone by the park she was at!!! God definately has his hands in our lives:)

This week, i was officially dubbed as the financial secretary!! There is a tradition in the offices that when you move up to finances, you have to be dubbed with the cards of the mission, the credit card, the medical card, and our RFC proof card. You all know me, gotta do something different than those before me:) haha ill attach the video in my other email:)
There is even more responsability being in control of al the finances and reimbursements of the whole mission! I actually really enjoy having extra responsabilidades!!
I hit a landmark in my mission!!!! for the first time, i met somebody named Dora! lke dora the explorer! haha its about time!!!!
Les amo muchisimo!!
Elder Jones

My dubbing video ;
Me and elder allred ate the spicyest tacos de barbacoa in monterrey.... They are called "baptised tacos" cause they have so much salsa.... haha The meat inside is cow tongue, cheek, and eyeball.... it was super good, just waaaaaayyyyy spicy...