Whats going on everybody!!!

Lots of stuff this week, kinda crazy...

I really enjoyed Mark 6:56. My take on the verse is that the healing power of Christ is available to everyone, but we are the ones who have to come and choose to be healed! Whether its physically or spiritually, its up to us to be the ones to choose it. And everyone who chooses, will receive:) Simple but powerful:)

This past sunday, we got to the church, and bishop said someone didnt show up for their talk and asked me to give one. I was soooo excited! haha any opportunity to share a message or teach anyone anything is the best! I didnt prepare any sort of anything, cause i just wanted to let the spirit help me shoot from the hip, and like always, the spirits got my back;) 
I spoke about how faith, is a verb, and shared various scriptures in the new testament, and related it to a whole bunch of stuff, and im pretty sure even i learned something while i was talking! haha thanks holy ghost! 

Our Bishop, bishop gomez is awesome! we were just about to call it a night at the end of our day and we were thinking about what we were gonna cook for dinner, and bishop called us and asked if we already ate. we said no, and he said, good cause i already ordered some tacos to be delivered to your house. haha those were some super good tacos too... Thanks bishop! 

Something that was kind of interesting.... you all know me, i love being on my feet running from one thing to the next. Ive already got my mind on the next task before i finished the first one! And as you can imagine, in missionary work im loving the constant tasks i need to do! 
It was a pretty crazy day in the offices, and me and elder allred were taking calls and fixing problems througout the mission all day, and we got back to the area around like 6:30 pm. we entered the house, i dropped some stuff off, and was already talking about what we were gonna do in the area and how many lessons we were gonna teach, and elder allred just sat on the floor and asked me "can we please take 5 minutes" He is a pretty quiet person, and i guess i didnt realize that he hasnt been handling the workload as good as i have been! i said of course and we sat down and drank some water... haha 
I guess that just helped me realize that i need to make sure im paying attention to the people around me! Obviously its a good thing to work too much, but sometimes people need a minute! haha

Had an awesome lesson with a new investigator we found, Claudia Mireles. It was a pretty normal lesson until all of the sudden i literally heard Brother Grovers (my mission prep teacher and great friend) voice in my head and i remembered something he taught me!!! I invited Claudia to say a prayer right there with us to know that our message and the book of mormon are true. I then promised her "with the authority of a representative of jesus christ, i promise you that if you truly want to know of our message, you will receive an answer to your prayer" 
I felt the spirit soooo strong, and it was crazy! She prayed right there, and i for the first time in my mission, said a prayer during her prayer so that she could feel the guidance she needed. 
After the lesson, Elder Allred told me "dude that was powerful! nice!" so awesome, once again, thanks holy ghost for having my back:)

Wanna take some time to talk about someone named Enrique Hernandez. He is actually the taxi driver of our mission. every errand we have to do, we call him, and he takes us, and he knows where everything is in monterrey and he is suuuuppperr hilarious. He actually lives in our mission boundaries, and has been inactive for a year or two now. even though he is with missionaries every day.. haha Me and elder Allred have made so many strides to be really close with him and get him back to church! We finally got him to go with us to an activity, and then we got him to accompany us to some lessons! it was so good! he said he felt so good and it was a feeling he didnt know he missed. It was his birthday this week, so me and elder allred made a little picture frame with some of our adventures all mixed together, and he always wears hats so we got him a hat, (picures attached) 
When we surprised him, he kinda almost cried cause he never told us about his birthday, we did some research and it was awesome! he sent us a text later saying that he was so grateful for us and for our constant help to get him active again in the church. So awesome to be able to make an impact on peoples lives:) 

As yall know, i have been called as a secretary of the mission. There is the Materials secretary, and the financial secretary. When you start, its always as the materials secretary. You are then the materials secretary for 4 and a half months. after that, you move up to financial secretary, and your companion switches to materials again so you have a transfer to learn all the procedures, then that companion leaves, and you train the new guy and repeat the cycle. That adds up to being inbetween 9 and 10.5 months in the offices..... Thats a really long time! 

President decided to throw a curveball, and told us this week that i have caught on to everything faster than missionaries before, and he is gonna bump me up to financial secretary right now, leaving me with 3 weeks to learn it all! I currently have been in the office for 2.5 months and elder allred is gonna leave this transfer!!!! Man did i not see that coming..... This also means, that ill only have 3 more months here in the offices, and i can get back to teaching and talking to more people again!!! im so excited for the challenge, and grateful that president trusts me to do this job well. Im gonna do even better to try to get to the area more and be able to share the gospel:) 

Kinda long email this week, and actually have a decent amount of pictures... haha so ill describe those in my pictues email

Love yall!!!
Elder Jones 

pic descriptions: This is at the interview booth at the main football stadium in monterrey, taken a few weeks ago ; Here is all the stuff i bought with the money for my birthday!!! a new proselyting bag, a sweet Norteño shirt, 3 Belts and interchangable belt buckles and a Salsa/Soda Holster that has "Elder Jones" leather burned into it.... Coolest thing in the world... haha ; Some lemurs we went and saw last pday!! ; The gifts we got enrique!!!!