Buenas Tardes Familia y Amigos!

This week ive got 2 favorite scriptures!! haha

Lucas 5:18-20 I really like these verses cause we can see that this dude has the worlds best friends!!!!!!! he was sick, im pretty sure with epilepsy, and this dudes friends made him a stretcher, got some rope, climbed the roof above where jesus was, and then lowered him down so that jesus could heal their friend!! Such an awesome story!! Jesus tells them that through their faith, and the faith of the sick friend as well, he was healed. 

Lucas 5:5-6 The classic story of simon and peter fishing and they havent been catching anything all weekend, and then jesus tells them where to throw the net, and they catch so many fish that the net breaks!! 
i really like the analogy here:) Simon and Peter were doing just as much or probably even more work before they let jesus be their guide! And the way jesus helped them, is that he guided them where to focus their efforts. THAT is the big detail:) Many people pray because they want their burdens to be lighter and they want things to be easier. What we have to remember is that we already have the guidelines and suggestions and commandments of the church that lead us to where to "throw our nets" The scriptures are awesome!!

Past sunday was testimony meeting, and out of the blue, Pepe (our recent convert) stands up and walks up to the front, and the smile on his face was sooooo big! It looked like my little brother levi looking at a donut! hahaha 
He bore a very simple testimony about how he has felt lots of answers ever since we started visiting them. He said he doesnt know the scriptures very good, and doesnt know the presidents of the church very well, but he knows he is in the true church and that joseph smith restored it! One of the highlights of my mission:) I think it was actually better than his baptism for me! seeing the difference his is making in his life, and in the life of his family. 

This week, we were returning back home from the offices cause we had an appointment to get to, and just our luck, the taxi we were in broke down.... (video in other email) haha he was very very insistent that he could fix it really fast and just told us to stay in the car.... we were like " were running late!" and then he just got out and took like 3 minutes to fix it! haha pretty funny.

The following day, we were running some office errands with enrique (mission taxista) and his car broke down too! his battery more or less exploded! haha so we had to walk to a place that sold bateries and buy one and carry it all the way back. it was pretty hilarious, and definately a good memory:) 

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FELLOW AMERICANS!!! Here in mexico, its literally just another normal day:/ that was kinda super weird actually... haha this is how we celebrated here....
Me and elder allred are the only companionship in the mission that has two phones, we each have one. our zone has 4 other white guys in it.. i called one companionship, and allred called the other one, and we put ours on speaker phone. The day previous, each companioniship bought american flag bandanas from the mercado, and on the night of 4th of july, we bought our favorite campechanas, did a big call, and belted the star spangled banner the loudest we possibly could. It was so awesome! *insert song here* 'cause im proud to be an american!!!!! haha 

This week was damariz´s birthday! We made another picture frame type thing kinda like we did for enrique! she really liked it, and actually started just crying and said she really wanted to give us a hug if she could!!! She thanked us for teaching them, and working with them, and always helping with everything we could:) I really love making a difference in peoples lives here in the mission. Thats what makes all the hard sooooo worth it. at the end of the day, being able to think of so many people that youve impacted, and hopefully made for the better;) haha 

Not too much more to write about! Just lots and lots of work here in the offices, preparing for the upcoming transfers, and allred and elder muciƱo leaving the offices. 
Now as the financial secretary, i work lots of the time talking to companies trying to get electronic invoices from the spends we make, and i call and talk to our bank account in texas everyonce in a while, handling all the reimbursements for the missionaries in the mission.... i feel like i have a job! haha

Love yall!
Elder jones