Buenas tardes!!!

This week, I really enjoyed soooo many verses in the new testament... i cant think of one to share in specific! 
The thing im noticing is that there are actually a lot of simple things in the bible and in the book of mormon that we often skip over! Jesus was just the nicest of all dudes ever!! He just went around healing people and doing miracles, and teaching about the way to be. Basically, we can take the simple message, and just be nice people! If we sincerely try to love people, and serve them, and put the needs of others first, our recompense comes from the savior. He isnt here anymore to be administering to the people, so thats what we are for!!!

Stuff was pretty crazy in the offices this week, and we had a ton of work... Me and my companion actually ended up going furniture shopping! haha we had to check lots of prices for nightstand type things all throughout the city! Its kinda weird to be on a mission, and be going around doing work that seems like a normal work!! I was comparing prices, and working my "american/gringo" charm and seeing who could give us the best discount cause we are going to be bying stuff for the whole mission!!!! we got lots of information, and are gonna pitch our plan of action to president on monday. 
We did get a chance to swing by a really cool store in the central of monterrey, and i used some of th money my parents sent me for a gift there.  I forgot to take a picture of what i got, but ill send a picture this next week:) 

This week i completed 6 months in the mission! haha time is cruising, and i cant even believe it! I continued with the standard for missionaries, and i burned a tie to celebrate my 6 months. It was pretty cool, and after that, we ate some Campechanas from my favorite restaurant Lucas!! I love Campechanas so much... Its a huge burrito type thing, but it is made of Steak, Pork, Cheese, cow lips and tounge, avocado, and sooooooo much salsa.. Hijoles que rico....

We were able to do some service for i think the worlds oldest couple!!! This guys name is juan and his wifes name is marcela. Their front porch was just going crazy, so we took like and hour and a half and fixed it all up! (see pictures) 
It was pretty cool while we were dying in the sun, a kid who was like 20 years old maybe saw us helping this old couple, and without saying anything went to a little store across the street, and bought us some water bottles and told us thanks for helping these people! and then he was in a big hurry, so he left really fast. That was super nice of him. 

I wanna end on how important our examples are to people! Just in this simple story, our act of service, brought out the kindness in another person, and gave them the chance to do a good turn as well. I wanna invte all of you to look for the little service opportunities we have every day. I promise you all with assurety that if your actually looking, there is opportunities to help someone out every single day. Just like Jesus would do if he was here:)

Sorry i dont have much to write about!! office stuff is kinda boring sometimes, but it just makes the time we do have to proselyte that much more important!!!!! 

I love all of you!! 
Elder Jones:)