Whats going on everybody!! 

For this transfer, my goal in the scriptures is to read the New Testament all the way through! I have already been finding sooooooooo many scriptures that i love! ill share a couple of them. 

Matthew 11: 28-30 talks about how our burdens are made light through christ. He can make the hardest things in our life better, all we need to do is just get ourselves closer to him! 
Matthew 15: 4. I really really really liked this verse. I almost like to think of it like a celestial roast that jesus threw out to the pharisees. He warns us not to temp god with asking for signs, as we have enough things in the world that give testament of him.

This week, we had a ton of work to do in the offices. It was the beginning of transfers, and it was me and elder allreds job to prepare EVERYTHING and then when the new missionaries got here, we trained them about how the offices work and the protocol for going about certain situations. Then we helped print out maps, and coordinate with Taxi bases to have enough taxis here at the right time so everyone could get to their new areas safely! It was pretty cool to be extremely busy, and running from one thing to the next, and talking to all the taxi drivers and i liked that part!! 

It is actually really hard to balance all the work in the offices and being able to still be in our area proselyting. In the past, many of the secretaries had so much to do here, they stayed the night here in the offices and started right back up the next morning and would sometimes go days without proselyting!!! 
Me and elder allred are really really trying hard to still be able to teach people and share the message of the restored gospel. 
There is something that is just so gratifying about sharing the gospel, and i already miss being able to talk to people about it all day long. The best part of the mission by far is the teaching. I LOVE teaching. I know i have said that the past few weeks, but its just so awesome! Being the kickstart for a fountain of understanding for someone, and opening the door for the holy ghost to testify to the hearts of the people is just cooler than there are words:) 

All that being said, Dont have any funny or cool experiences teaching this week:/ we were in the offices a ton and barely got back to the area. 

We have a family called the Braccamontes's and they are soo awesome and already believe in Joseph Smith, and the book of mormon, but they arent married, and for some reason, their plans to get married just keep falling through. Im starting to wonder if maybe one of them was previously marrried and never got divorced or something. That is SUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRRR common in mexico... We are gonna keep working with them, but do any of you have suggestions for us? Maybe a way to approach the subject? haha 

Jorge, the son of Damariz and Pepe did something pretty funny for us this week. Just as we were about to leave a lesson, Jorge whispered somehting to Damariz and then ran away. He came back like a minute later with two individual uncooked hot dogs cause he said he wanted to help give us some food. hahaha so funny how innocent little kids are:) Still, his pure little kid heart just wanted to give the missionaries some food!! 
I miss my litttle siblings... haha kids are the best 

My birthday was this week! I turned 19 yesterday, and my companion talked to the other office elders and they bought me a little cake and surprised me with it, so that was pretty cool, and for the food, Hermana Alma made us Taquitos de Bisteq and they were soooooooo good... haha I really love her and her family. She is our relief society president, and she does so much for us elders. Her youngest kid, and only son is on a mission right now in Guadalajara and he is the secretary of that mission too! And his birthday is on june 8th, the day before mine! haha so on his birthday i sent him a text and a picture of me with his parents and it was awesome. Then he called me in the morning of mine and sang happy birthday in english, it was pretty hilarious. 

Thats about it folks! My mom was asking about specifics of what we do in the office, and the easiest way to do that is im gonna attach the weekly report of what me and my companion did. My first week in the office, i suggested that we type this report every week to help president know what we are doing, and to keep us running efficient!!! He really likes them, but im just gonna attach this one. 

As far as pictures go, i forgot my camera, so i dont know if ill send pictures this week.... im gonna try to fit it in later, but not sure!!! 

Love you guys! 
Elder Jones 

The hot dogs from Jorge

My sweet mexican belt and tie thats made out of peleacate. full mexican!!!!

Birthday drawing from my comp!