Bueeeeeeennnnnnaaaassss Taaaaaarrrrddddeeeessss!!!! 

Real quick, just so yall know, if you see that i accepted a friend request or something like that on facebook, its cause i had a member log in for me and accept some of the people from the ward so they would be connected for after the mission! haha i just had him accept all of them

This week, i finished up Doctrine and Covenants!! Woohoo!! Its a little harder to read cause its lots and lots of doctrine, and less stories like the book of mormon and the bible have... but i learned so much!! 
The verse that im gonna put for this week is D&C 135:1
This is the verse that was the official declaration of the Martyr of Joseph and Hyrum smith. It was pretty spiritual reading this verse this week, and just feeling sadness for all the good that joseph did for this world, and the world couldnt wait to reject him!! Its a very sad thing, but as we think about the life of Jesus Christ, he came to the world and offered nothing but love and kindness and was killed by those very same people. As we follow the example of jesus christ in our lives, we ARE going to have opposition, as did he. I encourage all of you to keep on trucking when life throws stuff at you:) 

Super long week at the offices!! We had to close the month, and prepare everything for cambios!! even today during our pday, we had to go to the offices to get stuff done, to have everything ready for the new influx of missionaries that are coming in on monday. We didnt have very much time to work a lot in the area, and i wish we did have more. I realy love teaching about the gospel, and i dont get to do that as much working in the administrative part of the mission! But its all good, it has its ups and downs:)

Pretty hilarious experience this week! Pepe and Damariz invited us to eat dinner at their house and read the book of mormon with them, so of course we accepted!! Pepe said he was going to say the opening prayer, (and now im gonna give you a little backround, keep this thought in mind) There is two soccer teams here from monterrey, the Tigres, and the Rayados. The Tigres were playing in the mexican (like the NBA finals) finales and they lost against guadalajara. Knowing this, also keep in mind that Pepe really likes the Rayados, so the tigres losing against anyone is good for his family.
Now back to the story... He started praying and gave thanks for the day and his family and then he said "thank you so much for the loss of the tigres in the finals, AHH haha just kidding" and then continued with his normal prayer! 
I actually learned something from his prayer!!!! The way pepe feels about heavenly father, is he feels close to him! He was talking to him like it was one of his buddies, and i think that is a principle that is really cool:) Heavenly father is our dad!! we can talk to him about everyday stuff, how we are feeling, maybe even joke a little! haha 

This week, me and elder allred got to go to "central" which is actually in the Monterrey West mission! We left the mission boundaries! haha 
Monterrey central is really really cool! people are everywhere selling stuff, and its like a huge marketplace and its just full of people. We had to go there to buy pillows and blankets in whole sale for the mission. While we were there, the mission taxi took us to a store where they sell Native Monterrey stuff, and i bought an awesome belt buckle and belt! Ill attach a picture of it:)

This week president asked us if we would rearrange all of the "furniture" in the offices!! He said it has been this same way forever, and asked us to arrange it in a new way! haha so we took all the measurements of the desks and drawers and the room and drew up some schematics and figured out the best way and moved everything!! While we were doing that, we got kinda bored and made a little video of us taking a break:) haha (worlds best video attached)

Me and my companion we able to take a member from the ward Hermano Ricardo Esqueda to do visitas with us! we went and visited a member who hasnt come to chuch the last 2 weeks, and it went really good!! We are gonna start doing that every week, and its something i think is gonna help the ward out! i guess we will see if its starts helping! 

Hermana Conchita came back from Cancun!! We went and visited her, and it was awesome! she will be at church from now on again, and i actually missed her while she was gone! haha so it was good to see her again. 

Here loving life!! Hope all of you are enjoying life as well:) 
Till next week!
Elder Jones:)​