This week i found a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 88:119 and the way i see it, its a guide to how we should found our homes! The home is something very important, and its where we can have a good spirit, a spirit of prayer and happiness, or we can have a bad spirit as well! We have been taught many times by the prophets and apostles of the church that the home needs to be a sanctuary, and a place where children can be raised feeling the spirit:) Im definately gonna strive to make my home like that in my future with my own family. 

I got to call home this past sunday, and that was super cool! I was so happy to see my family, and all my siblings. getting to hear their voices and see them was so great, and now i only have 2 more calls home before im done with my mission! haha time is just cruisin! 

last saturday in the evening, we helped a member of the ward who is in a wheelchair cause he doesnt have legs fix the ramp in front of his house. It was awesome, cause elder Allred has worked with concrete before, just like i have so we did it fairly quickly and efficiently! It was sooooo mexican! We asked where he wanted us to make the mixture of the concrete, and he just laughed and said something similar to "silly white boys" and told us to just mix it all up on the floor of his house! hahaha so we did! shoveled some dirt from by the street, and poured in some powder and some water and mixed it right there on the floor of his house! Then we got it all smooth and fine and poured and troweled it out all good:) Just love doing service projects! probably one of my favorite parts of the mission! 

Speaking of service projects! We also helped Hermano Gerardo with a welding project. He was making a rack for his work truck, so we offered to help him out, and so we did! I wish we had a picture, but we didnt have our cameras with us! we just helped him out in our proselyting clothes and it was freaking awesome:) haha 

This week, we watched the restoration movie with Damariz and Jose(Pepe) and they both felt the spirit, and pepe decided that he did want to get baptised this weekend! He told Damariz that he really loves her, and knows that this is the right decision and he wants to be with her forever so that was really sweet to hear from them. They are such an awesome family, and their little kids love us, and let me tell you, it is probably the hardest thing in the world not to hold their kids jorge and gisel! Gisel always wants to play and sometimes we play tag with them, but she wants us to throw her in the air and just have like i would with my siblings or the kids in primary! but cant as a missionary:/ I really love kids... haha the little kid in my just connects with them so well!!!!

We had an awesome Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with Hermana Alma and there was like 5 investigators there, and we shared some scriptures and testimonies, and the spirit was really strong! We are really hoping to have some investigators at church this sunday that we havent been able to get to church before! 

BAPTISM!!!! Yesterday was the baptism of Pepe and Damariz:) What was even cooler was that abraham, damaris's brother baptised both of them!!!! Thats gonna be something awesome that they will remember forever. And in 2 years, pepe will be able to baptize his son jorge! Me and elder allred stood as witnesses of the baptism, and it was such an awesome gratifying feeling seeing them come out of the water, and damaris was just smiling sooo big, and started crying while her husband was getting baptised after her. It was honestly so cool once again to find, teach and baptise the same people! Missionary work is such a blessing, and these people are forever changed for the work of missionaries! 

We have lots of investigators that i havent really talked about, so maybe one of these weeks, my email will just be a little overview of some of the people we are currently teaching:)

I love yall!!!! Keep it up out there in the normal world!!! 
elder Jones:)

Pepe, Damaris, and Abraham

Hermano martin and the concrete we helped with

All of us!