Whats up everybody?? Elder Jones here with another weekly report:)
In Doctrine and Covenants 24:6-8 i found some doctrine that is really cool! It talks about how we will get the help or inspiration we need in the precise moment that we need it. I think this is a very important point because lots of times, as people we expect an answer or help right when we want it, but it doesnt work that way!! We will get it exactly in the perfect timing of the lord. A little farther in verse 12 it talks about a promise that we will recieve the strength we need to keep going:) Super cool scripture for missionaries! 
I actually used this scripture in a lesson with a member who was baptised about a year ago, and was just called to teach relief society once a month. She said that she accepted the call out of obedience, but she was really scared and nervous cause she barely knows anything about the church! I told her that in my experience, we are never going to feel "ready" for a calling we receive. We actually have callings in the church so that we are a little uncomfortable and have more responsibilities so we can get better! She was super happy about this scripture and said she is gonna do her best and hopefully the spirit helps her out too! haha great attitude to have:)
This week we finally got to go to the temple!! That was such a cool experience, and it was awesome having everything in spanish!! Also was super dope that i understood everything still! It stills feels weird to think that im speaking a different language and still undertanding, and learning new things! 
Anyways, it was an awesome spiritual experience to go to the temple again. Already looking forward to the next time we get to go! 
Sometimes, when missionaries get called into the offices they dont take initiative and do anything extra. There is specific things to do, and take care of or handle, but there is so much stuff that is extra that would really help the mission run more smoothly! This week i organized and cleaned out the mission "bodega" which is where all the supplies for the whole mission are kept. It was a huge mess, and not very well organized. So i took everything out cleaned it off and organized it in a way that actually makes sense! As i was doing that, i actually made an inventory sheet in microsoft excel and took inventory of everything that we had! Talk about super boring work... haha 
president went into the bodega after i had finished and i hadnt told him that i did all that and he asked me what happened out there! I told him i cleaned it, organized it, and took inventory (which is in a nice professional looking binder by the entrance now) and made a sheet so we can keep inventory control to be more efficient. He was really surprised, and said that a missionary never thought of that before! Much less just did it without having anyone telling him to. He told me he was very impressed with my initiative, and he had noticed a few other things i had done as well to help the office be better. 
That was pretty cool to hear president say that:) Ill keep it up for sure! Also something pretty cool, is that i had the idea because of my few years of managing fireworks tents! The tents run so much better if the storage unit is organized in some sort of manner, and there are inventory sheets to keep track of whats happening. And i had experience taking inventory and having to count tons of stuff from doing it with my fireworks tents as well!!!! Pretty cool how random experiences i had before the mission keep helping me while im out here! 
While i was taking inventory, it reminded me of my best friend Elijzah, who always helped me with fireworks. Usually we did it together and i was just remembering that while doing it myself! He is currently out on a mission killing it in Peru! 
I also signed a contract for new houses for missionaries! That was kinda cool. We had set the appointment for president to meet with the house owners to sign the contract, but like an hour before president called me and said "Some stuff came up and im not gonna be able to make it to the contract signing. I trust you Elder Jones to take care of it and handle any problems if there are any" I was just like aw crap... haha i really cant mess anything up now! But it went really well. Me and my comp worked stuff out with the homeowners and came to a compromise and it was super cool! 
Normally, the secretaries dont get to return to their area to work and proselyte and teach until around 6 or 6:30 in the afternoon, not leaving much time to be a missionary! But we are trying to get the offices running efficient enough so that we have like 3 days a week where we leave the office at 2pm, eat with the members, and stay in the area to work all afternoon! We were able to do that one day this week, and it was so awesome! I realized how much i love teaching people about the gospel, and sharing scriptures and my testimony. I do enjoy helping the mission run and getting to handle lots of stuff, but that doesnt even compare to being a normal missionary teaching the gospel! Its so cool! Such a blessing that i get to do it for 2 years:) 
I gave another blessing this week! I love giving blessings, and especially in spanish;) Being able to use my priesthood to help others is one of the coolest things ever!
In a lesson with Damariz and Pepe this week, they told us that they have been struggling a lot, and they were worried they couldnt get baptised cause they had a fight in their marriage this week. We reassured them that us mormons are still humans.... We talked about how baptism is the first step in a long path. We will be reinforced with the gift of the holy ghost after we are baptised, and we can have extra strength to be making better choices. We also talked about how with Joseph smith, right before he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus, Satan bound his tounge and joseph thought he was going to die! Right before anything important spiritually is gonna happen, the adversary is working so much harder to get us. This message really helped Damariz and Pepe:) They said that makes a lot of sense, and they actually feel even better about their baptismal date for May 13th:) Keep them in your guys prayers please:)
And there goes another week in the work of the lord:) The weeks are just flying by! its pretty crazy, cause sometimes the days feel really long, but then all the sudden its pday again and your like " wait a minute... we had pday like 3 days ago??" but no! that was a whole week ago! 
Keep reading the book of mormon, and praying:) Thats the number one way to improve your spiritual state:) 
Love you guys! 
Till next week
Elder Jones