WEEK 19.5?? 20?

Not really sure what to call this weeks because my pday was changed from mondays to saturdays now that im in the offices... so i had Pday like 5 days ago! I think ill stick with Week 20;)
Im working on reading all of Doctrine and Covenants and probably the new testament this transfer! This week, i found 2 scriptures i really liked!
D&C 3:2-3 talks about how gods sight is perfect, and doesnt waver. Its our own mistakes or doubts or errors that make things harder. I thought that was pretty cool! We can always trust the promptings of the spirit, cause god has in mind for us, the path we are supposed to go down. Its just up to us to listen to those promptings, and have blind faith! Easier said than done.... haha but still.
D&C 11:7 I liked because it says we shouldnt seek out and devote all of our time to having riches. Its more important to devote the time to getting knowlege or experience probably as well. Who knows if after that, we can use our knowlege to get more riches, but important over all of that, is that we get to keep the things we learn and our experiences after this life! money and all that stuff stays here and gets burned up! 
Even though this week was short, a bunch went down!! First off, said bye to Elder Teliz! My first companion and my trainer! He taught me so much spanish, and how to be a missionary! Im glad he was my trainer also, cause we got along really well, and we had lots of fun and worked really hard at the same time. 
Same day as that, i had my new companion, Elder Allred! He is actually from Mesa Arizona... haha right around the corner. He has been the secretary of materials for the last 4.5 months, and with the transfers, is now the secretary of Finances. He is super chill, and once again, we have a very similar sense of humor! It feels really weird having an american companion... cause its just different! i can quote movies and stuff and make jokes from back home, and he totally gets it! 
One thing that i am noticing already, is that it is really hard to speak spanish between us... 
I get to speak spanish to all the people, and the other missionaries as im taking phone calls from them all day, but its just a little different!
Working here in the mission offices is pretty cool! i didnt realize how intricate running a mission is! but all the companionships needs houses, and supplies, and literally everything that they need to live! All of that stuff is my job now! All of the mission phones too. So there is a TON to do! On top of that, i get to work with president alot, and set up all of his appointments, and communicate with the Zone leaders when their meetings are gonna be, and when he is gonna meet with house owners, and we help write the contracts and all sorts of fun stuff! 
Im actually really glad i worked at Tenshon before the mission for a little bit, cause i learned how to email a little more profesionally, and how the basics of a business are run. Also working with the other architects and just being able to see how all of that stuff goes together is helping me a ton right now! 
We work in the offices from 10am until like 2 when we go eat with the ward members, and then return to the offices at like 3:30 and stay till like 6 and then proselyte from then until 9pm. So im fully busy all the time! I really like that actually. All of you guys who know me, know that i love being busy, and love always having a task at hand. Sometimes i start thinking about the next task while im still finishing the previous one! So i think president realized that and figured the offices were good for me! haha who knows. 
I received my first gift from a convert this week! Hermana Conchita (our recent convert) knitted me little baby shoes with pearls and stuff for a baby girl! She made them for me, and said that she could never thank me enough for baptising her. She wants to always keep in touch, and she made me those shoes for my first daughter:) She also got me a gold tie clip! its fake mexican gold, but its the thought that counts:) She is so awesome, and i love having lessons with her cause i can feel her spirit and sincere desire to learn! (ill send pictures of the shoes in another email) 
Something kinda sucky happened... The ward im in is called Sada Vidrio. There is two sets of missionaries in this ward. The other companionship was Elder Tirell and Elder Garfield, but with the transfers, garfield left and tirell is training a new missionary. but! the new missionary is white also... So now, for the first time in mission history, a ward has 4 white missionaries..... That shouldnt be a thing! The other sad part is, tirell has like 14 months in the mission, and he still doesnt speak spanish well at all... 100% honestly, my spanish is probably 2 or 3 times as good as his.. And he is teaching a new missionary how to speak spanish! i feel bad for him! I actually have been praying for them, that they will have some extra spirit help with their spanish, so they can teach and learn effectively:) Its pretty funny now, cause in the whole mission, our ward is being called "Sada Gringo" 
Elder Allred completed one year in the mission this week! We bought campechanas and he burned a shirt! Pretty fun stuff, and any excuse to buy campechanas is the best excuse for me! haha
Ill end with the ward activity we had yesterday. The holiday was called "Dia del niƱo" (childrens day) and our newly called primary president planned an awesome activity! We had like 30 kids show up! it was insane!!! my first week in this ward, we didnt even have 30 people in sacrament meeting! A ton of less active families came and all had a great time. Our investigators Damariz and Pepe brought their two kids and it was just good! Days like that make me so happy to be a missionary:) Seeing lots of people in the church and just seeing that we are actually making a difference:)
Missionary work is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Its really hard, and not very comfortable ever, but 100% worth it. The feelings of the spirit are what make it so dope. it could be a day of not finding anyone to teach, and having appointments fall through, and then right at the end of the day, you find someone who starts crying cause they recently lost a family member and our message helped them feel peace, or you find a new investigator that really looks like they have a desire to change, and it makes the whole sucky day so worth it! 
(i dont have my camera with me to upload pictures... ill send an email later with pictures! sorry!)
I love you guys! Keep striving! 

Elder Jones:)